Sunday, August 23, 2009


I felt really proud when the news came last year that our foremost r'n'b artiste Tuface Idibia had recorded and released a duet with the baba of them all worldwide, R.Kelly (not that it's one of Tu Baba's better songs - he's done far better stuff).Never mind the bad belle whispers that both (highly potent !) men did not record together in the same studio - as if it matters.

However,Mr Kelly was in Nigeria recently and I really looked forward to seeing both jam together on stage. Most dissappointedly nothing close took place; and to make matters worse some newspapers reported that Kelly actually denied knowledge of the duet. Sho !

Good to read Efe,Tu's image maker's response citing Toyin Subair as the arranger of the deal, but it's still curious that there was no connect between the two artistes when Kelly came to town.On the other hand I thought R Kelly would raise dust over his name being 'illegally' linked to a song, but that didn't happen either, so.....?

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