Saturday, August 29, 2009


For whatever reason,a lot of people have often criticised Jose Mourinho's style of football as bland and just result-oriented,but somehow some of the most exciting football matches I've watched have come from the 'special one':Tonight's inclusive.
Wesley Snejder joined from Madrid barely two days ago,but was absolutely commanding in mid-field.Douglas Maicon left no one in doubt that he is,by a long pole the best right back in the world,while Samuel Eto'o made the departure of Ibrahinovic totally insignificant with his magnificient play.In the end AC Milan had no option but to go down 4-0 !
I have to commend the managers of Inter for doing the shrewdest piece of business in the transfer market this summer.Good as he is,I don't think Zlatan Ibrahimovic is worth 50 million,let alone adding Samuel Eto'o to the bargain.Inter lost Ibra, but gained an equally good striker and a genuine world-class playmaker in the process.Barring injury.Inter Milan looks very much the team to beat this season.

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