Sunday, September 13, 2009


I was one of the critics of Idol and similar projects,because I thought it was dumb asking African-bred boys and girls to be aping American songs to determine their potential as commercial artistes.As if responding to my thoughts, a new programme has been introduced by Mnet called Naija Sings.
Last week the contestants were taken to the Anikulapo-Kutis' Afrika Shrine and each made to sing the legend,Fela's song of their choice.As you would expect there was so much to keep one's ribs cracking all through !
One lady however stood out from the pack.She was Riola, and her rendition of Water No Get Enemy was spot on. Irrespective of her position in the competition, I will be so happy if Femi can give her permission to release that song in the near future.At least they are sure of my patronage.
Big up,Naija Sings !

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