Sunday, November 8, 2009


In the aftermath of the CBN's special examination of Nigerian Banks the regulatory body compelled all Nigerian Banks to make public their financial accounts as at 30th September 2009. Given that all the Banks will have to close their books for the year on the 31st December,I found the results quite interesting, as the following after-provisions profit-after-tax figures of the Banks would show:

UBA - N7b loss,   First Bank - N2b profit,   Skye Bank - N13b loss,    Zenith - N16b profit
Access - N12b loss,    IBTC - N4b profit,    FCMB - N0.5b loss,    Sterling - N5b loss,  Ecobank - N8b loss,   GTBank - N18b profit,    Fidelity - N2b profit. Unity and Wema (not available).Union Bank,Afribank,
Intercontinental,Finbank,Oceanic,ETB,PHB,and Spring Bank have already been declared unhealthy by the CBN and are currently on 'intensive care'.

Now the trivia: Which of the Banks listed above is
a. Big,Strong,Reliable ?
b. Truly The First ?


  1. As the Yorubas say "asiri ti tu, a ti ri idi adiye". Meaning "the blowing wind has revealed the hen's bum".

    I'm waiting to see if there will be usual banking awards next year.

    And as per question, "none of the above"

  2. hope you will update sometime soon. Merry Christmas and have a happy new year.


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