Monday, April 5, 2010


I've heard many of my friends comment on how beautiful Sola Salako is,and they always find it strange that I don't seem to be as excited as they are whenever the topic comes up.And I will say to them,'if you are so excited about Sola now,what would you have done if you had seen the Sola at our NYSC camp years ago,the indefatigable platoon commander (better believe it) with the curves so definitive even with the heavy khaki apparel !' .Indeed Sola must be the most beautiful Miss Nigeria Nigeria never had ! But physical beauty is only just one of the fascinating aspects of Sola's person.

Some years ago I was compelled to buy a particular newspaper every week just to read Sola's very courageous column on consumer protection.And I must say I was very dissappointed when that column was rested .That dissappointment was however  assuaged a few weeks ago when par coincidence I happened to find myself watching LTV at about midnight,and found Laolu Akins,Fatai Rollig Dollar and others provocking sweet nostalgia as they recollected the glorious musical pedigree of  Lagos.The sheer depth and graphic details of the events were the reasons I found myself unconsciously glued to my seat for about an hour,entirely forgetting that I was actually searching for another programme before being 'arrested'.Subsequent editions have been no less interesting.

I have become a big fan of the programme, Bimbo - Sola Connect ever since.I may not know much about Bimbo Manuel other than his acting,but I do appreciate his contributions.For those of us with Las Gidi passport,this programme is an essential.
(Photo courtesy sunnewsonline.)

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