Sunday, May 2, 2010


                                                  Modenine's Da Vinci Mode truly deserves the Da Vinci analogy

I was back at my favorite Ojuelegba 'shops' to update myself on what's hot on the music scene,and as usual I was not dissappointed at all.After the commercial embarassment that was Unstoppable,Tuface Idibia appears to have found favour again as his latest single Implication is being played all over and can be found in most of the pirated 'selection' CDs in the market.But there's much more going on right now.

Paul Play,recuperating from a rather serious medical problem has a CD out.It's titled Hero, and I couldn't resist falling for the rnb ditty Delicious. Lord of Ajasa prefers to be simply Ajasa on his new work,where he teams up with Pasuma to produce another street rocker in Bo Se Nlo (Igboro) and the really goovy Movin On.It is key to always remember that Ajasa's Lefenuso opened the doors for Yoruba rap as a mainstream genre in this country.

Soulful crooner Obiwon will also now like us to know that he is really Obiora. So, Obiora Obiwon then !Despite his dexterity as a dancer (he easily rates with P Square and Sound Sultan) his new CD, The Rebirth is loaded with ballads and mid-tempo rnb stuff. Obviously you've heard Obi Mu O by now, but what an infectious ballad it is ! And where on this planet did he discover that immaculate femme voice, Guchi Young ?

Now to the big one.The last time I blogged about Modenine, it wasn't such a sweet tale - I was really pissed off with the whole Ruggedman beef thing, but what a turnaround this is. Modenine's Da Vinci Mode is a masterpiece well worthy of the Da Vinci analogy (Leonardo Da Vinci remains one of the world's greatest Artists ever).

I've always questioned our hiphop artistes why they have to load their CDs with 10,13,sometimes even 15 tracks when only 1 or at most 3 of the tracks will attract any meaningful public attention. Well, Da Vinci Mode has all of 22 tracks, but believe me this is some one hour or so of pure excitement.Every track stands out;every track has a life of its own.The production quality is second to none,even by yankee standards (even Will.I.Am's voice is on it,you see !),while mode takes on a variety of issues you can easily identify with.

Of course the obligatory collab with Tuface is there - We Dey Vex. But for the first time, Mode can boast of authentic commercial songs:What U Want,We At It Again and Black Rap Messiah will thrill anybody any day.In Okokomaiko he takes us through his growing up years,while admonishing his fellow stars on the responsibilties of mentoring in Tears of Pain.In Top Eleven,it is about the Super Eagles and Mode's greatest players ever,while Ali Baba,Julius Agwu and other comedians are made to 'face the music' in Taking Comedy Money.

Loke is all about ambition,while Blaise puts on an impressive rap performance on Down. See,Modenine even remembers to confess his sins and seek God's forgiveness on the track Soul To Keep.Isn't that cute ?

When Naeto C brought out Kini Big Deal,I knew people were going to sit up. Frankly, I could have paid double the price to buy this CD. Mode; now we're friends,hope we remain so.

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